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Inspired by a love of culture, design, entertainment and the arts, Francesca Witzburg, Esq. protects entrepreneurs, industry talent and brands as an award-winning intellectual property and contract expert. Francesca represents an array of industry, from startups and entrepreneurs, to Fortune 500 companies and renowned celebrities, to notable institutions and national non-profits.


Francesca and her team are committed to understanding your needs through tailored legal strategies that keep businesses protected and profitable. 

Francesca’s intellectual property passion comes from her own experience as an entrepreneur and creator.

As a law school mentor and coach, she created the online program Law School Mastermind™.

She's a published author and in the process of publishing her first novel. 


Francesca sits on the board of one of the top food & beverage venture capital companies, Grant Barco Capital.   She advises anti-Asian discrimination organization AAP(I)Belong, and Phoenix Fashion Week.


In her spare time, Francesca loves to spend time with her family, read, run, and Peloton.


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As a a partner at the nationally-ranked, women owned & led law firm Loza & Loza, she is a part of an expansive network of over 45 attorneys located throughout the United States.


Francesca's team includes legal experts specializing in the areas of intellectual property, including trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, rights of publicity, and much more. 

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We recognize that all businesses, regardless of size, need intellectual property and contract protections in place. Every business can be exposed to considerable legal issues without an investment in early legal protection. We do not operate as a conventional lawyers.  As legal strategists, we design and implement tailored legal protection plans. We offer ongoing legal support through affordable retainer packages so your business avoids expensive legal issues like losing the rights to name usage, domain ownership and more.


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