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Law School Mastermind

Welcome to Law School Mastermind!  I created this program to help pre-law and law students navigate law school studying, exams and job hunting.  I hope you enjoy this program!

Below are the links to watch the videos by topic in (or out of) order.  You can access the program using the Password: successtribe.  Your use of the Program is subject to the below Terms & Conditions. 


Warm regards,

Francesca Witzburg


TERMS & CONDITIONS: By accessing the Law School Mastermind Course (the “Program”), you understand that the Program is Witzburg Ventures LLC’s proprietary and intellectual property.  You understand that the Program is non-commercial, educational use. You agree to not improperly share, distribute or copy any of the materials, audio or video content provided or the links and passcodes to the videos or the Program itself.  You also understand there are no guarantees, representations or warranties regarding any of the information or any claims whatsoever relating to the Program.  This course is purely educational and not legal, medical or any other professional advice.  By accessing the Program, you understand Witzburg Ventures LLC is not responsible for any potential harm or injury caused by watching the videos. Witzburg Ventures LLC has the sole right in its discretion to modify, change, alter, remove or stop the Program at any time.  Witzburg Ventures LLC sometimes may host  a live component but it is in its sole discretion to offer a live or any other bonus, and there are no obligations to offer any bonuses.  You understand that this is a previously recorded course and that there is no live component with the Program. If you have an issue, please email




Study Secrets

Module 1 – How to Get the A -

Module 2 – What is Law School

Module 3 – What is a Law School Exam

Module 4 – How to Prepare for Class

Module 5 – How to Outline

Module 6 – How to Study


Networking Secrets

Module 1 – How to Build an Opportunity Funnel

Module 2 - How to Select Courses - 

Module 3 – Extracurriculars

Module 4 – How to Network (Properly)

Module 5 – Resume & Cover Letter Workshop (live training excluded)

Module 6 - Email & Networking Workshop - 

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